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By Hank

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Ruined my shallots ?

I think I've really boobed with my shallots. I grew these successfully last year from sets and ended up with about 5 times as many than I put in.
Many of the ones I saved to reset this month grew a short green shoot which I cut off.
Having set them 3 weeks ago, their non- appearance makes me think I shouldn't have cut the shoot off.
Or should I ? Be gentle with any replies.



Still time to start again!

I haven't planted my saved ones yet, nor have I received the ones that I have on order.

So as I said!...start again!

31 Oct, 2012


You're very quiet ! I half expected replies like - " What a prat, why on earth cut off the shoots" or something like that. Perhaps it wasn't wrong to do that.

If not - why have none of them shown up yet after 4 weeks ?

1 Nov, 2012


what a've cut off the growing point :)
Start again with a new lot as TG says.

1 Nov, 2012


So I was wrong to cut them off ! Thanks, Scrumpy - you obviously call a spade a spade and I'll know better next time.
But Teegee didn't inform me I did wrong - just to try again, which didn't actually answer my question.

1 Nov, 2012


I think TG meant start with new shallots.

PS, the :) is shorthand for a smile.

1 Nov, 2012


S, I'd no idea about the shorthand, I guess I'm probably as good at that as I am at gardening. ( i.e. not very !

2 Nov, 2012


Sorry Hank!

But I got the impression you had realised you had done something wrong when you said;

"I think I've really boobed"

Thats why I was consoling you by saying;

Still time to start again!

and repeated it when I said;

"So as I said!...start again!"

By the way you are not forced to have done something wrong it all depends on how far back towards the bulb you cut them back!

To explain; within that shoot that was produced is a series of leaves cocooned with in each other, so if you made a shallow cut you may have only damaged the first two pairs, meaning it is still possible that the next pair might grow on!

But if you have cut them hard back then indeed you have;


But as I knew you had time to to grow some more I chose to take the safer approach and not to mention this fact hence me saying.....start again!

I hope that clears things up...Tg

2 Nov, 2012


Thanks T,
That clears it up for me. There's still no sign of any of them coming up so I'll get some more today.
I now know exactly what not to do next time.!

3 Nov, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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