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My castor oil plant which grows outside gets brown circles then holes it spoils most of the leaves for flower arranging .. Could you suggest what's doing it and what I could do to stop it. I have a small young on in a pot in the patio which does not appear to have any of this problem.



Do you know if it is Castor Oil plant (Ricinus) or False Castor Oil (Fatsia)? Ricinus is not that hardy in the UK so it may be weather related and Caterpillar/beetle damage. Fatsia damage can be where the leaves rub or a slug trying its luck and giving up.

1 Nov, 2012


Sometimes the embryo leaves are nibbled by insects before they expand fully. It's too late to do anything by the time you see the damage. Try spraying the plant with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer just before it starts to grow in Spring. This insecticide goes into the plants tissues and kills anything that bites the leaves.

1 Nov, 2012

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