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Some runner beans have been overlooked and swollen with large beans inside.

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I have saved these large beans. I would like to grow plants from these for next year. How should I store then and then start them off for next year?




i have done this many times and had great results, just put the dry beans in a paper bag ,i keep mine in a draw in the kitchen then when the time is right plant in pots first then transplant easy....good luck

27 Aug, 2009


As Fezzy says keep dry but I would also suggest keeping cool which a kitchen isn't normally. leave in a potting shed or similar where it is cool and dry. Then sow next spring.

27 Aug, 2009


when we were kids at school we used to get paper towel and put it inside round the edge of a glass or see through paper cup .water the bottem and watch it root etc.mite be interesting if you got kiddies

28 Aug, 2009

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