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Tulip Questions.

Hello everyone. I'm planning to plant tulip bulbs within the next few days. The patch they're going in will have some soil conditioner added before planting. Previously there was an unidentified daisy (which flowers August/September) in this patch which had gone rampant leading me to dig most of it out.

Does a tulip bulb produce more than one flower? I plan to lift the bulbs (when I find out when this should be done) and re-use the ground with summer bedding if that follows.



Yes, only one flower per bulb.If you put a handful of grit ,or sharp sand under each bulb,it will help to prevent rotting in the wet soil..Wait till all the foliage dies down,if you decide to lift them..all mine were left in,as you need to plant them deeper than other spring bedding.if you want to plant daffs etc on top of them,so you can plant your summer bedding on top of them too.. other Tulips were in pots,and also left in situ...and then planted up for summer,as well.....good luck.

1 Nov, 2012


I agree plant your tulips now and then plant your summer bedding on top of them when they die back... best not to disturb bulbs if possible.

1 Nov, 2012


Does that mean planting the bulbs deeper than one would normally? (3x bulb depth) I've tried leaving mine in and planting annuals over them, and gradually they fall by the wayside, but a really deeply planted group of "Queen of the Night" has survived and flowered pretty well over the past 4 years. Despite all our cats, we still get a lot of mice and voles, so that could be a useful idea anyway.

3 Nov, 2012


Plant them a good six inches or even more deep Gattina, the bulbs will decide what level that want to be at and move themselves up or down to suit.

3 Nov, 2012


Being a novice I think a fellow gardener is pulling my leg when saying that an upside down planted bulb will turn itself around. The same trick is accomplished by onion sets-I'd love to see slow mo camera footage of this, lol!

3 Nov, 2012

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