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Lonicera japonica


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

can this be grown over a shed?
I cant find any info as to it growing over anything other th trees, how does it hold on?

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On plant Lonicera japonica



Lonicera Japonica ( Japanese honeysuckle) vigorous can quickly grow up to 30ft glossy green leaves pretty pairs of white flowers can have black berries after flowering. Useful as ground cover or up posts. If you train it up the walls it may carry on scrambling over the roof ?- but can become an invasive weed. Hydranga Petiolaris is a self clinger.

28 Aug, 2009


mmmm... not too worried about the roof bit, any idea what the root system is like?if its going to become an invasive pain in the bum I would like to know what to aware of before i plant it hehe

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28 Aug, 2009


Its called the creeping honeysuckle! my neighbour had one, after 3 years and it took over her garden and then started on mine, awful to get rid of swamps everything. It grows in fields and road sides and can be a real problem.

28 Aug, 2009


oh no!

I suppose its not going to do to well in pots then!!
unless... Bamboo once mentioned sinking a large bin for Bamboo would this work with honeysuckle?
sorry for all the questions

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28 Aug, 2009


Yes, it would. Occurs to me to ask whether your shed has a flat roof or not - honeysuckle likes to twine round supports, so if its not flat, I suggest you attach some wires or mesh over the roof (not tight to the roof, but with a little gap between mesh and roof for the honeysuckle to wrap round). Might be better to do that anyway to stop it blowing about and perhaps falling off the roof! I think its a good way to grow it - after about 5 years, honeysuckle looks a mess, big thicket of dead growth with all the growth on the ends, hanging over the dead wood, so on a roof, you're only going to notice the fresh growth. Let's hope the roof covering never needs replacing ...

28 Aug, 2009


ooh brilliant I shall do this then
the shed isnt flat roof and quite new so fingers crossed should be ok for a while

will cover with chicken wire or similar to help support it

x x

28 Aug, 2009

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