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how to propogate Forsythiax intermedia


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

wanting to keep these going as my mother wants some for when she moves
how do I propgate these?

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Easiest way is layering - peg a few shoots down either into pots or the soil, wait for roots (if you're lucky, by next spring, if not by the autumn) and then sever from the parent plant.

28 Aug, 2009


so it would look like a bamboo root with roots coming off instead of shoots?

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28 Aug, 2009


Well the roots will appear on the bit that's buried - you may still have growth continuing along the rest of the shoot both sides.

28 Aug, 2009


You could also try heel cuttings, but Bamboos method would produce a reasonable sized shrub quicker.

28 Aug, 2009

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