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Can I cut the leaves back to tidy up the plant?

Wellington, New Zealand Nz

Hi, my red hot poker plant has just come to the end of flowering. I have read that I should cut the flower stems down as close to the root as possible but what about the leaves? I have trimmed off most of the dead ones but the green leaves are really long-too long to stand erect so they hang in a messy clump and look very untidy. Can I cut them shorter to tidy up or will this kill them? Thanks

On plant Kniphofia uvaria




From Bluestone Perennials - Dead heading may prolong blooming by removing old flower spikes. To improve appearance, cut back foliage by one half. Leave foliage for winter protection and cut back to 3" in spring. Divide in spring.

29 Aug, 2009


Cut the flower stems right down, but only cut off around one-third to one-half of the foliage, then mulch around (but not on top of) the plants.

29 Aug, 2009


Thanks for that Wagger and Bernieh, was just going to ask the same question, never sure what to do with kniphofia leaves always seem to look messy this time of year wondered if you should cut them back, so thanks, now where are those secateurs :-)

18 Mar, 2010

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