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Identify this for me please

Whilst in garden taking pics..I noticed these black objects on my plant can anyone tell me what they can be?




I think the plant is Echinacea (don't know which variety) and the 'bugs' look like the larvae of lily beetles? I think someone more knowlegeable than me can shed more light on this. :o)

3 Nov, 2012


Thanks Nariz...I did not know what these black objects could be..At first i thought it could be some animal If it is larvae, of the Lily beetle, has it had a brainstorm? Or, does it also attack other plants too?

3 Nov, 2012


No, not Lily beetle anything. Their droppings are much smaller and slimier. These are also a bit big for a tiny (ish) beetle. And of course Lily beetles only attack members of the Lily family, mostly Lilies, but also Fritillaria.
Not that I know what these things are. Cut one open and see if there is an insect larva inside.

3 Nov, 2012


They definitely look like pupa cases, but of what, not sure. Similar to Brown or Green Hairstreak butterfly pupal cases, in fact, but they may now be empty.

3 Nov, 2012


Hi Fp......sorry no idea what they are, but it's good to see you here again......:)))

3 Nov, 2012


Thank you all for your help to my question...I have had a cold so not been out into the garden, for a few days since taking this pic...Ventured out today..The objects have since disappeared?? Looking at the leaves.. It looks as if they have attacked the plant or is this possible..

Hi Janey...Not been on here for a while!! Good to see you too...: )))

3 Nov, 2012


Well I was waiting for someone to suggest the Scarlet lily beetle larvae which are 6-8mm long and are usually hidden under their own wet black excrement? ah well lets hope you fine out what the pest is.

4 Nov, 2012


Well Dcr726 you may well be right..These do look a lot like excrement...Well, i do not know if i will ever find out
now as they have disappeared...Left me wondering where
they have infested themselves??? Probably somewhere
hidden in my flowerbed...

4 Nov, 2012


As Owdboggy already said, they are nothing to do with Lily Beetle or their larvae. Many pupa do look like bird poo...

4 Nov, 2012


looking at the badly nibbled petals I also think a larva of something but not sure what.
but birds that are eating lots of windfall apples produce shorter sections of poo that look just like this and they would drop off in the rain/wind.

5 Nov, 2012


It looks to me like the droppings of some very large caterpillar, which may have also eaten the petals.

11 Nov, 2012


Thank you all for all your answers...It seems like i am not going to find what these black objects could be..
Now they have disappeared!! I suppose i will never know??

Thank you all again in trying to help...Much appreciated....:))

14 Nov, 2012

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