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Name of this tropical or indoor house plant?!

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I got this plant last night, and this morning the leaves are turning brownish and very tender. I only added a cup of water from the instruction from the nursery. Does anyone knows the name od the plant?? I will do a research of how to take care of it..





Looks like a calathea.

30 Aug, 2009


you're correct!! I think I know what went wrong. I placed the plant direct to the AC circulation. It supposed to be on a humid low air area of the room.

thanks alot for your help!!

30 Aug, 2009


Its a beauty anyway, isn't it. My book tells me it needs to be kept moist, misted with water regularly, away from draughts, sunlight (needs bright light, but not sun) and certainly well away from any heat source like a radiator. This kind of plant often succeeds better if surrounded by other pot plants - they all help to humidify the air for one another. Though you've probably found all that out already anyway;-)

30 Aug, 2009


thanks alot for the info.

31 Aug, 2009

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