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Ant over-running my garden plants/trees

Alicante, Spain Es

I am having trouble with black ants in the garden! They persist in running up and down stems of my Bignonia, clematis and Orange tree. Spraying helps for a while but not long and I don't like using chemicals very much.
What can I do



My neighbour puts black or chilli pepper on their mounds and then finishes off with boiling water.
I just leave mine be and its not a problem.

30 Aug, 2009


You've probably got an aphid infestation in the plants, Fenclare - ants "herd" them to collect their honeydew, and that's why they're on the plants. Spray for aphids with a systemic insecticide (as long as you're not going to eat the oranges).

30 Aug, 2009

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