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An enigma shrouded in a mystery!


By Nariz

Spain Es

I wonder if anyone can offer a solution to a strange happening in our garden? Yesterday morning we found a tomato on the ground near the plants. It looked a clean break ... cut? ...but it was only a smallish tomato - not one of the giants that we thought would have fallen of its own accord. Now, this afternoon, we have found a small red lettuce cleanly sheared off, apparently broken, at the stalk at ground level. Is this evidence of mice or rats? I'm sure there are plenty of both around even though we have never seen the animals themselves - after all, we are surrounded by barns containing animal winter feed, sheep, goats and chickens. We are at a loss to know what has caused this damage - or what we can do about it. Any ideas? ........ anyone? ........



If you were in Britain I'd suggest hedgehog, rabbit, even deer, but over there, well, the possibilities are endless I'd guess. What you need is a video camera running when you're not looking... might turn up something really interesting, rather than just a mouse or rat!

30 Aug, 2009


description sounds like chickens!

I kept finding odd tomatoes on the ground and then I saw Yves(a chicken) knocking them off. they also love lettuce and pull that off when they get half the chance!

30 Aug, 2009


cut ipmplies rodent like rabbit to me.they like to cut them of to carry them to wear there not on offer to predetors there selves.

30 Aug, 2009


Thanks NP, but the lettuce was laying on the ground next to its stalk - the only damage seemingly done to the stalk. Rkda, I know I said we had chickens nearby, but they are firmly fenced in against foxes, so I doubt if a chicken was the culprit.

31 Aug, 2009


erm i said rabbit it was rkda who said chicken lol

31 Aug, 2009


That's right NP - have another look at my reply. The response regarding chickens is addressed to Rkda. lol.

1 Sep, 2009


so it could be rabbits then

1 Sep, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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