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We need help in identifying our bush and it's problem

Arizona, United States Us

Thank you all for your kind replies!! I really appreciate it. I wanted now to download two photos with details, but I noticed that one can submit only 1 photo. So I choose the one, which shows both areas, damaged and not [yet? :-(].
I am anxiously awaiting your reply.

I thought of the 'sunburn', but this would really not make sense since this damaged site is not the most exposed to the sun!?




Welcome to GOY, Onenovice, and no, you didn't send it twice!

It's hard to tell what shrubs they are, as they are a bit far away - a close-up of the live leaves might help, please.

30 Aug, 2009


That looks like sunburn. I'm not surprised, Arizona , brings to mind Cowboys and wide open spaces. You could throw fleece over them on hot sunny days, bbut who wants to look at fleece all day. I think it may be the price you pay for all that lovely wild life and the sunshine which is in short supply in Britain this year.

30 Aug, 2009



31 Aug, 2009


Welcome from me too, Onenovice. It would help if we could look at those shrubs a little closer - see what the leaf looks like as Spritz suggested.

31 Aug, 2009

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