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By Mobee

Armagh Ireland, Ireland Ie

Hi all
Have just bought some bulbs(crocus,snowdrop,tulip) want to put them in large containers,would it be ok to do it now,and can i leave them out on patio any help greatly appreciated Thanks!!!!



Yes and Yes. I plan to do mine in the next couple of days. I also will be putting cyclamen and pansies in with them too.

30 Aug, 2009


Thanks Sbg I plan to start in the morning and get them all planted in.Never thought of cyclamen&pansie wil have to get some of them to :~))))

30 Aug, 2009


Hi Mobee :)
I'd wait a while longer before planting the tulips...they need the cold weather before they start to send out roots, so about Oct/Nov is the best time. If you plant them too early they could rot. Should be OK now to plant other spring bulbs though :)

30 Aug, 2009


Hello Di
Thanks for info will leave tulips until later, am a novice when it comes to planting bulbs,but learning through this great site!!!:~)))))

30 Aug, 2009


I leave tulips in their pots for several years with out any rotting taking place. in fact they tend to produce lots of new bulbs.

31 Aug, 2009


Oh thats great Sb really love tulips but have never grown them before will look forward to potting them up thanks !!!:~))))

31 Aug, 2009


just planted mine today as I do every year and have no problems go for it.

1 Sep, 2009


Hi Kev you no i think your right i`m just gonna "go for it" :~)))))

1 Sep, 2009

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