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How can I get rid of Bindweed from my lawn?

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone any suggestions on getting rid of bindweed which has started invading our newly-laid lawn? I'm at a loss as to how to kill it off without damaging the lawn. It comes from next door's garden!



If it's the large leaved white flowered variety, you could try sticking small sticks in and encourage it to climb up them, then wipe the top growing point leaves with gel weedkiller - this travels through the plants and kills off the roots. I expect that this method might also be effective if you've got the small leaved pink flowered bindweed. I've done this in my flower borders and it works, so why not give it a try! Good luck.

9 Aug, 2007


That's a brilliant idea! Thank you very much. I did ask in the local garden centre about the kind of weediller that comes in a small bottle with a brush (like nail varnish) so you can isolate just one type of weed from other plants and apply the weedkiller, but apparently this isn't made any more. Your suggestion is very inventive and really helpful - I'll try it. Thanks again!

9 Aug, 2007


Spritzhenry is spot on that is by far the best method but do be careful with the gel or you could easily damage other plants,try wearing thin rubber gloves and apply the gel by hand.

9 Aug, 2007


Thank you Wyeboy, I shall certainly take your advice.

9 Aug, 2007

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