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daffodils and primroses

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I want to grow daffodils and primroses for table decorations at my wedding in april 2010. I noticed someone asked a similar question a few years ago and I was wondering if anyone had any more advice? I live in cornwall, so it is relatively mild and very wet!

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sounds lovely. Katherella i've done a few family weddings. are you going to use cut or potted table decorations? there are some stunning small daffs that are perfect for the table. April is a good time for daffs but many varieties flower at different times. if you are growing in pots lookout for the mice they love bulbs. its a very exciting time for u hope all goes well....;-))

31 Aug, 2009


Hi Sandra, I was going to use potted flowers which could also be favours for the guests. As a complete novice I wonder if I would be better off buying daffodils from the shops just before the wedding, rather than attempting to grow my own and hoping that they'll flower at the right time? My budget is minimal and I wanted the flowers to be in baked bean tins (with a bit of ribbon tied around!)

31 Aug, 2009


you could try a bit of both....but it is realy hard to get things to flower on a certain day....for my nieces wedding we went around a few family and niegbours garden and collected some greenery and bought a few flowers. a big roll of florists ribbon spreads the colour around... i would put the work into the tins and ask a few fiends and niegbours for some help with the greenery (which comes in many shades of green,grey and practice through the winter. you'll soon find YOUR of luck..;-))

31 Aug, 2009


Thanks Sandra, I am very lucky because I have a big garden with loads of borders full of plants and there's lots of wild stuff around here too. I think I'll have a practice like you said and use oasis in the tins. Will hopefully save myself a fortune!

1 Sep, 2009


put some pics up so i can see them....;-))

1 Sep, 2009

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