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Is it safe to eat veg grown next to a main road?

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

A busy main road runs past the front of my house. My front yard gets all the afternoon and evening sun and would be a great spot for a container veg patch But, because of the lead from the traffic fumes, I have been advised against it. Is it safe to eat veg grown next to a main road?



Hi Claire and welcome to GOY I can't see the problem lots of gardens are beside busy roads plus allotments. So long as you wash the veg which you would anyway. go for it and enjoy yourself.

31 Aug, 2009


The addition of lead to petrol was stopped in Britain some time ago. So, as said as long as you wash the produce then you should be ok. Let's face it, farmers spray a lot more nasty things on Vegetables than a few passing vehicles do.

31 Aug, 2009

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