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controling whitefly in greenhouse. systemic spray hasnt wokrked

devon, United Kingdom Gb




i have those sticky fly pads just above what Im growing in the greenhouse
each time I go in i give each tray a little shake so they fly off and most land on the pad

hope this helps

x x x

31 Aug, 2009


there's also a biological control you can get to release in the greenhouse for whitefly, but I'm having trouble recalling exactly what it is - I know its an insect of some kind. Hopefully I'll remember, but otherwise, hope somebody else supplies the name...

31 Aug, 2009


soapy water in a squirty bottle helps with greenfly - never had a problem with whitefly, so don't know if it would work with them - might be worth a try tho.

31 Aug, 2009


If it is tomatoes growing in the greenhouses that are covered in whitefly, you should grow tages that is marigolds as a companion flower. Something to do with roots repels them.

5 Sep, 2009

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