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type of primula please


By Romneya

Angus, Scotland Sco

Can you please tell me what kind of primula this is. I grew florindae yellow and red, denticulata, beesiana and candlabra from seed. I didn't label them and have got them mixed up. Please help.




Can't tell till it flowers, really.

31 Aug, 2009


It looks like P. florindae.

The leaves of the rest aren't on a stem like this one and the leaves of others are longer and not round.

31 Aug, 2009


certainly not denticulata as their leaves are longer and less 'toothed'. otherwise no idea sorry.

31 Aug, 2009


My guess would be florindae (although mine don't have the bright red leaf stalks.) It's not denticulata, and beesiana leaves have red midribs. Candelabras from seed can have all sorts of parents so can't really tell. Hope this helps

1 Sep, 2009

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