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Lavender Pruning

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Should I prune my lavender now or wait until later in the year? It looks a bit sad, but don't want to do any damage by pruning too early.



I've just given my lavendar a haircut!!! The only thing to remember is not to cut into old wood - or you might kill the plant.

31 Aug, 2009


Yes, I think haircut is the appropriate term! I would usually do it in October, but the bees and butterflies are less interested, and I wondered if it was a good time to chop everything down now. Thanks for the reply.

31 Aug, 2009


I suppose if you are thinking of the wildlife then maybe leave the flowers for a wee while yet, but I just couldnt bear to look at them any longer. Sorry, 'haircut' probably isnt the correct horticultural term - (lol) :0)

31 Aug, 2009


I always give mine a trim when the flower spikes look grey rather than lavender, then I get a second small flush of flowers a couple of weeks later. I have to admit the trim is more for MY pleasure than for the plant - the scent of lavender clings for aaaaaages! :o)

1 Sep, 2009


Had a look today and it was covered in bees and butterflies, so if they're still interested, I think I should let it keep going. Its the old fashioned type by the way - great long stalks with the flower heads on top, rather than the french types. It does smell fabulous Nariz, I love weeding in that area as when you brush against it - its just divine! Thanks for your help. M

2 Sep, 2009

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