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What should I grow over a new wooden garden arch which I have just put up in my garden? I would like something that is reasonably fast-growing and green! I have thought of climbing roses or/and clematis, but am wondering if anyone has any other ideas?

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I have put the arch about 2 metres in front of my wooden shed - there are raised flower beds to either side. The idea was to create a diversion from the shed and also to add a bit of height and an extra feature to my very small garden!



I reall like the show I have on my wooden Arch of my Alpina Clematis and I get a second flush soon.

Also Honeysuckle nice on an Arch

And scented clibling Roses would be wonderful.

But I am sure there are many more.

1 Sep, 2009


Some of the less vigorous Jasmines would be lovely. I have Akebia qiuinata which is semi-evergreen in my garden, and I love that. You can cut it back if it wanders off!!

Clematis cirrhosa species are evergreen and flower in the winter, if you want some interest then.

Don't plant a C. montana or armandii, though, if your garden is small!

It's a bit difficult to answer without knowing if the arch is in sun or shade, and what kind of soil you have.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

1 Sep, 2009


Trachleospermum jasminoides and Akebia quinata would get my vote.

1 Sep, 2009


Clematis macropetula small blue white. or pink flowers May/June would look good.
For lovely colours and something different - Perenial Sweet Peas Lathyrus Latifloris (RHS garden merit) quickly grows to 6-8 ft and can be trained over an arch flowers June through to September fullsun/partial shade.

1 Sep, 2009


Sweet peas, nasturtians and beens that you can eat all grow quick while your clematis, honeysuckle and roses get established.

Next year obviously but you could sow some sweet peas under glass now to get them ready for next year.

1 Sep, 2009

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