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Starting a "Dry Garden"

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I'm fed up with my plant's wilting due to the lack of rain here in Leigh-on-Sea Essex, it is a very dry part of the country, so I'm going over to "Dry Gardening" And was wondering if it would be a good idear if I dug in a load of sand, do you think it is a good idear if not os just cover the ground in peashingle ????
Luv Jackie x



Sand drains very easily, so any moisture would not be retained. Not good for plants, which do mostly need some moisture, after all - unless you are growing succulents only!

May I suggest that you borrow or perhaps buy a copy of Beth Chatto's book 'The Dry Garden'. Her garden at Elmstead Market is quite near you - why not go and visit it - you'll get inspired by it!

1 Sep, 2009


I think you definately need to get hold of a couple of books on 'dry gardens'.
They need reading if you're to succeed :)

I have very dry gardens and they can be hard work.
You need to research the plants that you grow and also to improve your soil.
If you started preparing and planning now you could have a nice garden next year :)

Spritz idea about visiting beth Chattos garden is a very good one, her books are great too :)

1 Sep, 2009


Hyde Hall, the RHS garden, is in Essex too so a visit there to see what thrives could be useful

1 Sep, 2009


Hi. Thanks for the info, I went to Hyde Hall on Sunday Andrew and was impressed with what I saw also went in there Libary and took downs some names of some Dry Gardens Books one of which was by "Beth Chattos" Louise.
but they were closing so could'nt have a good look at the ref. books. I have hurt my back lifting a garden table, and it has gone into Muscle Spasm, silly me and I will go to the Libary as soon as I feel better.
Jackie x

1 Sep, 2009


I know all about muscle spasms Jackie, with me it's my neck and shoulder and it happens with great regularity :(((((

1 Sep, 2009


Tips for muscle pains (but check with a clinician first ).
Muscles repair via blood flow that is full of nutrients, rather like plants really. The best you can have is egg whites on a regular basis, as eggs, in the western diet, are the only food source that contains all the nutrients required. I would suggest a minimum of one egg with each main meal of the day - total three.
Forget the ignorant advice so freely given, for eggs lower bad cholesterol, and raise the good version.
Also, exercise the muscle on a daily basis. Gently of course, but regularly.

1 Sep, 2009


Burgundy, you've just described ME and my lifestyle !!!!
I do both of the advised :)))))

I've very strong muscles so imagine the severity of pain without ? Ouch!

2 Sep, 2009


Oh! Louise & Burgundy.
Thanks for your concern's about my back & the tip's, how nice of you, the spasm hurts around the lower part of my shoulder blade.
Burgundy should I exercise after my back is better or while it still hurts?
Jackie x

2 Sep, 2009


I have a garden in Italy and there are a couple of beds that receive no water at all (other than rain). During summer we have temps of 38-40c and no rain. The only things that grow in these areas are geraniums and roses (once you've got them well established and watered in the previous winter).

Of course, bulbs would also do really well - my dry beds are awash with bulbs ... muscari, iris, daffs, freesias, tulips and alliums. Alliums are the last thing to flower before the dry/hot weather really kicks in from June onwards. Bulbs love a dry summer so they are definitely something to plant, giving you colour until May or so. I also have Nigella that self-sows in a dry bed and this year it just managed to flower before the heat came in June, so that's another one. I also have Nigella growing in our gravel path in our London garden so that's another one for your list - it's still in flower now!

2 Sep, 2009


Ladyessex - while it still hurts!!!
Gently and slowly!!!
Muscle repair is created by high nutrient blood flow. Heat will also help, as this allow the cappileries to expand, thus getting more blood through the muscle.
Gentle and regular is the key. It helps tendons not to become trapped by the contracting muscle, which inevitably leads to less articulation after repair, and perhaps pain too!!!
You might also find that a good underfoot massage will aid the injury. Better done by someone else, but it will still help if you do it yourself - both feet too. It will stimulate nerves under your shoulder blades - amazing eh?
I always say, "I know alot about everything; just not enough about anything".
Always happy to help.

3 Sep, 2009

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