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Bamboo planting


By Sage

United Kingdom Gb

We have been given four 2.3m bamboo plants in pots that needed a new home. is it too late to plant them this side of winter. we live in london. many thanks



What type of Bamboo is it? There are hardy and non-hardy types. Have they been kept inside to date or outside - that will give a clue? I have 4 types outside and 1 to have to take in in winter.

6 Nov, 2012


Im not sure what type it is - the stems are green not black, it looks fairly standard bamboo. I'm pretty sure they have been outside all along. But are probably in the original pots which are now bursting.....thanks.

6 Nov, 2012


Sounds like you can put them outside now. I think they are Fargesia or similar. So they need to be outside. Repotting is a good idea, add a mulch of compost around the base and that will stir the bamboo on to making new shoots.

7 Nov, 2012


If you mean can you plant them in the ground now, yes is the answer, as soon as possible, before the weather gets colder and the ground freezes. Slightly more vulnerable to cold in pots...

7 Nov, 2012


Do be careful where you plant them as some bamboos have very vigorous running roots and they can quickly invade! They are hard to dig out once established. Ask to see the clump that they came from so that you can see what you are letting yourself in for!! Maybe the answer would be to keep them, but in large pots?

7 Nov, 2012


Many thanks for your replies. Im going to get them in asap but lay a rhizome barrier first.

7 Nov, 2012


Very wise of you to lay a Rhizome barrier, as I have just had to dig all mine out as they started to trail all over the place, some types are hard to get out but I was lucky with mine, came out with a Lotta Huffing & Puffing LOL

8 Nov, 2012


most bamboos are well hard lol .

12 Nov, 2012

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