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What's wrong with my Hydrangea?


By Dee11

Ontario, Canada, Canada Ca

First - let me say that some kids came by in the middle of the night and took something to my plants - like a stick maybe and chopped at my plants. This plant now has a hole(bare spot in it) and the leaves in the area where they chopped are what is in this pic. I trimmed the broken stems and cleared away the damages leaves etc. and now this is what is happening to it. Also - since we are in Sept you aren't supposed to prune these because you will lose the buds for next year - so any suggestions as to how to fill the hole? I think I'm going to have to prune it and just risk having no flowers next year. Thoughts?




The bare patches should regrow and may still flower next year as they are on older wood. the leaf spots are just because the leaves are getting old and will fall soon. Give the plant a good feed in Spring to get it going again, don't lose heart!

3 Sep, 2009


If you want to prune in order to reshape because of the hole, wait till April - you may lose flowers if you prune it all over to reshape, but this might be a sacrifice you have to make, and it will flower again the following year. Do not, whatever you do, prune it back now.

3 Sep, 2009


Thanks - that's exactly the info I needed.

4 Sep, 2009

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