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My family wish to plant this tree as a memorial in our local cemetery which is situated on the North East coast and subject to prevailing northerly winds. We'd liketo know the size it will grow, how much maintenance it will take and what is the optimum size of tree to buy. As we are not in the first flush of youth, there is no point in buying a twig-sized tree, or we won't be here to see it to adolescene, never mind maturity.

Hope you can help.

Many thanks

Jean Wright

On plant Amelanchier lamarckii



Hello Banbury8, this tree grows to about 30ft in 10 years, and of course the spectacular autumn colours are a big attraction. Will the relevant authorities allow you to plant it? They do like lime-free soil. I'm not sure about the best size to buy, but usually smaller plants do grow better than bigger ones, and it isn't so slow.
The Northerly winds may hold it back a bit.

3 Sep, 2009


You can usually find this large shrub in bigger pots already, about 4 to 5 feet high, which is what I'd be getting were I you. Bear in mind, though, that this is not really classed as a tree - it is a multi stemmed shrub, so usually will have a minimum of 3 or 4 main "trunks" rather than one single trunk with growth at the top.

3 Sep, 2009


they grow well in my chalky garden and you can allow it free rein or you can prune it heavily. I have a shrubby one due to pruning and a tree form as it was hidden behind other trees so it went un-noticed for many years. in fact when it flowered 5yrs ago i thought it was in the neighbours garden.

4 Sep, 2009


lol Seaburn - fyi, am shortly to dig up the Crocosmia, will be in touch about that soon.

4 Sep, 2009


ooh sounds good. I'll send you my address in a pm.

4 Sep, 2009


Your memory must be going - I've already got it!

4 Sep, 2009

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