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How can I reduce the height and get rid of stem with no leaves


By Joe1uk

United Kingdom Gb

I have a very tall thin stem with very few leaves, it had its roots eaten by vine weevils about four years ago so was removed from the compost, washed and has been sitting in a pot of water since. It grows but as it grows it loses its leaves.
Can I cut the top off and if I do can I cut the middle out and pot the root up?

On plant Schefflera arboricola



To be honest, I'm surprised you've kept it alive for so long.....are there any roots growing....if so pot it into compost and it might have a chance of growing and keeping its leaves. If you do this and it appears to be growing leaves, cut it back to a bud.....but I would wait till next spring before pruning it. Top marks for trying!!

4 Sep, 2009


Schefflera arboricola can be cut back to a bud. If no buds are present cut it back by two thirds (3' plant to 1' plant) and it should start to bud.

Do not do this until you have potted this up into a well draining compost.

Grow indoors. Will benifit being outdoors during the warm summer month(s).

Because this is a tropical species, you don't need to wait until spring, just keep it in a warm and well lit position.

Water with lukewarm water just above room temp., not straight from the tap as the sudden shock to the roots can cause the plant to drop its leaves in response. Feed one month after new leaves have opened fully.


I hope this helps. If it didn't, at least it gave you something to read ;-)

4 Sep, 2009

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