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Our gooseberry bushes have not fruited any ideas of why we live in Melbourne Australia



I'd have thought it rather early to expect them to have fruited - July/August time with us so January/February with you. Are these new bushes or have they fruited before?

8 Nov, 2012


Sorry should have said these are not new bushes. One has been in 7 years and the other 2 a year, purchased because as with Kiwi Fruit we wondered if a male female were required. I have not see a blossom or similar at all. They are a beautiful green and thrive but no fruit.

8 Nov, 2012


Very odd, if they are not flowering you obviously wont get fruit but I've no idea why.

8 Nov, 2012


You aren't pruning them heavily in the winter, are you, Dennison? Also, I suspect that Melbourne isn't chilly enough in the winter to allow some varieties to bloom.

8 Nov, 2012


Thanks for the advise. No bushes have not been pruned harshly and we do get quite cold winters here in Melbourne it is a city renowned for having 4 seasons in one day. All other fruits seem to thrive it is just the gooseberry never seems to flower it is on it's last chance now and will be removed. Our lemon tree and lime give wonderful crops.

9 Nov, 2012


The mere fact that you are growing lemons and limes indicates that your gooseberries are probably not getting enough of a chill to set flower buds. Areas that get enough chill are usually too cold in winter to maintain these tender citrus--especially limes. I would check the chilling requirements of the variety that you are growing. Varieties suitable for citrus-growing areas will need less than 200 hours of chilling.
If yours actually is a low-chill kind, another possibility is a lack of sunlight. From what I have seen in northern Arizona, gooseberries need a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun a day to produce flowers.

11 Nov, 2012


Thanks, they are in a sunny spot in Summer. The plums grow well. I am really at a loss my grandfather grew the most amazing gooseberries. That though was in the North Of England so yes very cold well when we lived there it was. I wondered if a nutrient was needed. Maybe we will just give up and plant something else. Thanks for the help anyway.

12 Nov, 2012


Gooseberries do best in a cold climate... great in the north east of Scotland - you may find it easier to grow something else.

12 Nov, 2012

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