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I have a chamaecyparis lawsoniana ell woodie European tree which is about 22 inches high in a big pottery pot. My question is, can I keep it outdoors for the winter? I live in Staten Island, New York.



I have looked up your expected temperatures and they are as follows;

New York Central Park Temperature
Jan -3.7°C
Feb -2.8
Mar 1.6
Apr 6.6
May 12.1
Jun 20.2
Jul 17.2
Aug 19.6
Sep 15.6
Oct 9.8
Nov 5.1
Dec -0.7
Avg. MinTemperature 8.4°C

Personally I would say you should be OK

A couple of things I would mention are;

1) Is your pottery pot 'frost proof' ?

As an insurance to both you plant and pot, you could put pot your complete with tree in a bigger pot filled with straw or polystyrene granules and this will offer some insulation!

Note; ensure that there are drainage holes in the big pot or else it will fill with water, then you would be worse off!

Thats all I can suggest not having 'gardened' in your neck of the woods!

8 Nov, 2012


the plant should be fine but heed teegee's comments re the hardiness of your pot. Terracotta will flake where as saltglazed stoneware wont.

8 Nov, 2012

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