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I have repotted or whatever it is called, 500 trailing violas. (They were tiny plug plants). Some of them are flowering - do you pinch the flowers out and the middles, to make them bush out like with petunias? Not used these before.



Yes & No But I wouldn't!

I find that plug plants can be stressed in transit often causing a check in growth!

Nipping them out now could add to that stress, plus the fact, some will respond differently!

Personally I would pot them up and allow them to do their own thing, and later if some go spindly then nip the growing tip out, if they don't need it, then it has saved you a job!

p.s. I do this with all plug plans including Petunias!

8 Nov, 2012


If these are 'trailing' violas, not heard of them before, I would expect them to grow long rather than bushy.

8 Nov, 2012


I, too, would leave them unpinched, though if they were blooming before you transplanted them, I would take away the flowers and larger buds, to encourage better rooting.

8 Nov, 2012

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