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I bought a couple of Clematis Flammula late this summer and left them in the pots as I didn't get around to plant it where I wanted to. It said in the description that it is semi-evergreen, but the whole plant seem to be dead now. The stem of one of them was green till Monday, now that's also gone. Does this happen with Flammula?



Listed as a deciduous climber by the RHS, but is it possible they got short of water? Plants in pots don't always get watered by the rain. Suggest you plant them in the garden as soon as possible, before the winter arrives properly.

8 Nov, 2012


But the compost in the pots is very wet, Bamboo. It always has been. Now when I think of it, could it be because they got waterlogged? Need to check the roots tomorrow and plant them out. I'll wait and see if they come up next spring, otherwise will have to get another one :(

8 Nov, 2012


certainly they can die if they are waterlogged for long periods of time.

plant out in soil that has reasonable drainage and keep fingers crossed.

8 Nov, 2012


They are now planted out, but not where i wanted them to go. That spot is still a work in progress. I did check the roots, they dont look too bad. Fingers crossed. :)

9 Nov, 2012


well I agree fingers crossed.

13 Nov, 2012

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