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I got a hydrangea earlier this year as a bare root plant. It has now grown a bit, about question i prune it at all?? It is still in a pot and I plan to plant it in the border in the next few weeks...i would hate for it to die now. Help!!!



No! Hydrangeas should be left as they are before the winter, including any dead flowerheads. When it gets to April and the plant is showing green shoots from the stems, then you remove any dead flowerheads and the dead tips of any stems, if there are any, and also remove any obviously completely dead stems. You can plant it in the border though now, but keep it watered in dry spells till winter arrives.

5 Sep, 2009


Marrandar, Bamboo is so right...!
You must leave the dead flowerheads until spring to protect the emerging buds from frost and snow.
It is predominately the buds that appear in the autumn that produce next years flowers.
I dead headed mine last autumn leaving all these buds exposed, the frost then killed most of them resulting in my hydrangea only having two or three blooms appearing this year...

6 Sep, 2009


Thank you to both of you. If did not flower, and is just a bit gangly..but I am hoping once it is in a border it will toughen up a bit, and hopefully produce some flowers. Poor wee thing just looks a bit sad!!

6 Sep, 2009


Sounds like it needs to be in the ground.

6 Sep, 2009


I agree bamboo, it just took a wee while longer for me to dig out the turf and prepare the border than I had expected. All done now, so I shall get it planted up this week. :-)

6 Sep, 2009

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