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Repotted chives and now they have flat leaves!


By Pip_c

Southern Sydney, NSW, Australia Au

I'd had my garlic chives (allium tuberosum) in a tub for a while but I needed some room so I moved them to a pot. Almost overnight the leaves weren't tubular anymore, but flat like grass. What went wrong and can I still eat them??

On plant Allium tuberosum



Allium tuberosum should have long, flat leaves which are grass like with white flowers in summer - do they still taste the same? They're perfectly safe to consume, but I'm interested as to whether they taste the same or not. I planted a pot of chives bought from the supermarket (which I'd used for a couple of months indoors) and as they grew, they clearly were not the purple flowered chives I'd thought they were - they turned out to be some other kind of allium with white flowers, and once in the ground, the taste became much less onion like. The leaves changed shape from the tubular, grass like purple chives to flatter, squarer grass like stems. After that rather long winded reply, if they taste good, they'll be fine to eat.

6 Sep, 2009


THanks Bamboo

9 Oct, 2009

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