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Kent, United Kingdom Gb

good morning all, can anyone help me with dividing irises, mine need to be moved into a new bed, the rhizomes are in a circle, where do I start, and do I feed them once moved, also what soil, many many thanks, I await



Lift them with a fork. they will probably come adrift at the junctions between one section of rhizome and another. if not snap them at these points.
They tend to like dry free draining soil so bare that in mind. the rhizome should be half buried so it lays along the surface. they benefit from the sun 'ripening' the rhizome. They have quite thick fleshy roots so try and bury those and then place the soil back around the rhizome. firm well and water. If you want to feed them you could use something like 'growmore' granules or a fine sprinkling of bonemeal or 'fish blood and bone'. failing that well rotted compost would also work fine.

6 Sep, 2009

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