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By Gralew

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

who is the GoYer who has a garden design website.would like to ask her a question



Ask the question and you might get a surprise as to the response you will get!

My experience of garden design software ( and I have one) is that most of them are pretty poor, including the one I have!

Just another point on them and that is; they don't think for you that's still your job, the software just helps to put things together!

Well that's my opinion of them...Tg

9 Nov, 2012


Cant understand why you need a garden designer. I just make it up as a go along.

9 Nov, 2012


Im halfway through a pretty complex RHS level 3 garden design course and it's certainly made me think outside the box on how to design and layout a garden.

10 Nov, 2012



I think he is a designer.

10 Nov, 2012


i have some good ideas about gardening especialy if you like something a bit different lol . even if i say so myself .

12 Nov, 2012


Just seen this Gralew . . . did you get an answer in the end? AndrewR is a garden designer, and Mossy has a great garden which he opens to the public.

I did a City & Guilds Garden Design course a few years ago (terrific fun!) and have done designs for three friends since . . . but I'm an enthusiast rather than an expert. I'd be intrigued to know what your question was though . . .

13 Jan, 2013


Thanks Sheila for replying.The reason was, while i was browsing thru photos, I saw something on a GoYers photos that I was thinking of doing.The next day I tried to explain to my OH, and not making a very good job of explaining, said I'll show you! then I couldn't remember the name, I was going thru members, and nothing came up to remind me , so I asked on here. She/He was a garden designer, so that was all I remembered, hence the question!!!! A week or so later, again browsing(cos I'm a nosey old thing) looking at different garden pics, I found it! showed OH to which he replied "Oh no I don't think that'll work in our garden".
Was your City & Guilds difficult, and what did it involve?
I'm no expert by any means, move plants on a regular basis or even give them to someone if they're not right, but i suppose i'm not the only one. This website has really opened my eyes to some lovely plants and planting.

We're thinking of putting a new seating area in the garden, trying to get rid of some of the lawn, so I
my call upon you at any time if thats ok for some ideas .

Didn't get any replies as such, cos thats the only thing i asked!!

best wishes Val

14 Jan, 2013


Hi Val! Browsing on here is NOT being nosey . . . we all do it, and that's what the site is for to a great extent! The City & Guilds was daunting at first, but we had a good teacher who said that by having a go and reading as much as possible we would succeed. We learnt the principles of garden design (e.g. Balance / Proportion / Harmony); and designed one garden each term to a given brief. I absolutely loved it because it was such fun! And I did read a lot because I had the time (being retired) - so I say "it's never too late!" One of my favourite books is "Backyard Blueprints" by David Stevens, but you'd probably get plenty of good ideas from anything similar, maybe in your local library.

Seating areas tend to feel more comfortable and therefore enjoyable if they are partly enclosed, either by planting or maybe trellis. But there are many options . . . good luck with it.

14 Jan, 2013


Thanks Sheila, will look in the library next time I go for that book, or any others

15 Jan, 2013


You're very welcome :)

15 Jan, 2013


I'm browsing as you do and nobody seems to have mentioned the A-Z (Goypedia) at the foot of every page. If you click on S a list comes up. Click on seats and you can see 5 pages of what our members have in their gardens. Its a good idea to visit the goypedia when you are looking for ideas or plants. Members have wide interests and are full of knowledge about most things we want to know. Click on P for Patios etc.

18 Feb, 2013

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