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Small backyard - no earth - help!


By Amyk

United Kingdom Gb

I have a very small back yard (10'x10') that is enclosed on all four sides. I live in South Wales in a typical industrial age terrace. I have ideas on how I would like to develop it but the problem is that there is no earth exposed - it is all concrete. I would like to build three raised beds, but one of the would have to abutt the house and I am very concerned about this creating a damp problem. Can anyone advise on the best method for building a small raised bed, say 2ft high, next the the house that won't lead to problems ion the future.

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Amyk, I would be tempted to use containers as big as possible, otherwise the only thing would be to dig the concrete up. Raised beds on concrete wouldn't work, the lack of drainage would make the soil/compost go sour.

6 Sep, 2009


I'd also go for containers - you can really let your imagination go wild and use all sorts of objects as planters quite apart from the standard plant pots.

Also, if you want to get some height into the picture, get hold of some of the smaller builders' pallets (most building sites are glad to let you have one or two) and then you can build up layers of pallet to make stepped display areas for the containers.

You can save money on pots by buying the very cheapest large black buckets you can find, making holes in the base and then putting them at the back of displays, making sure only the smarter pots are visible from the front.

You can shift things around endlessly to get different effects - it never gets boring. The first few years I gardened I only used containers - I ended up with about 150!

6 Sep, 2009


Thank you both. I had considered containers, and I saw some agricultural feed troughs that I thought might work so I will certainly investigate this further now.

6 Sep, 2009


Coming very late into this Amyk but I've managed one raised bed on the concrete "back yard" by not digging it all up but getting a man to knock holes in it where I wanted the raised bed to be and then filling the bottom foot with good drainage stuff and light compost on top - works well. (Or it did until someone decided that it would make a really good place for storing yet more firewood!)

3 Oct, 2009

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