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Why are my Akebia quinata leaves yellowing?


By Dsdodd

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I have 2 Akebia quinata. One is quite yellow, especially on the ends, and the yellowing leaves are very close together without much stem. I've tried more water and less water, fertilizer and no fertilizer. It is still growing, but not greening up. The healthier plant probably gets a bit less water, but the same amount of sun, same amended clay soil. What generally causes yellowing leaves in Akebia?

On plant Akebia quinata



I've just looked and my book says these plants are "generally trouble free" so not much help there! You don't say how long this yellowing has been going on - if it started fairly recently, it might just be autumning - these plants are semi evergreen, and often lose quite a lot of their topgrowth during the winter, so perhaps this one is in a more exposed position and this might be the result. I can't think of anything else - unless the yellow parts are mottled yellow, or contorted or slightly twisted in some way, which would mean a viral infection.

7 Sep, 2009

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