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blue spruce root formation


By Staral

Turkey Tr

we want to palnt a dwarf blue spruce (Picea pungens glauca globosa- Nana) 60 cm deep soil. there is asphalt below soil. I assume the roots spread out rather than grow vertical.. Is 60 cm enough for long term growth?

On plant Picea pungens glauca globosa- Nana



whether it roots deeply or not is irrelevant in this situation - drainage will be the issue. Sitting on top of asphalt means a problem with drainage, unless you have punched holes through it to allow for that. You are right, conifers tend to spread their roots out sideways, but there are sometimes one or two roots that go down a bit deeper. you might get away with 60cm for a dwarf one.

7 Sep, 2009

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