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can you plant green seed potatoes

Australia Au

I have some seed potatoes which have nice sturdy shoots on them but the potatoes are slightly green. Will they be OK to plant as I have heard that green potatoes can be toxic. I am hoping the new tubers will be OK as the varieties I got are now hard to find.
thanking you.



Green potatoes are only toxic if you eat them. You can plant them but frost will kill off any top growth so you would need to move them into a greenhouse (i.e. grow them in tubs) if you are hoping for some Christmas potatoes. I doubt they will keep through to next spring.

7 Sep, 2009


the reason your sets are green is because they were exposed to sunlight while they were growing, you are not going to eat them so toxic dose not come into it just treat them as you would other sets,

10 Sep, 2009

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