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How to make Peace Lily flower?

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Dear Colleagues and Experts,
Does anyone know how to get a Peace Lily to flower? A lot of waffle on the internet but no hard facts. Is it day length/photoperiod, temperature, moisture/humidity or a tricky combination of all !!!! How can it be 'tricked' into flowering like the garden centres do to make you buy them !!!!!!!!! Cheers, Piers

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You don't say how long you've had this plant - have you repotted it at all if you've had it a while. What size pot is it in currently? These plants like a good light, but not direct sunlight, need misting occasionally and to be kept moist, though not sitting in water. Do you feed it at all?

7 Sep, 2009


Hi, have had it a couple of years, yes re-potted it, yes feed it, not overly, do not over water it, have tried various locations to see if light can do something. A particular set of conditions or circumstances must 'trigger' it to flower. Hoping somebody knows the exact recipe? Thanks

7 Sep, 2009


I feed mine with Baby bio about once a fortnight/a month, depending on time of year. It is in a spot that gets reasonable daylight, but not particularly bright and the thing flowers all the time. It does seem to need a lot of water, thirsty plant, gets watered at least twice as often as all my other houseplants. Don't know what you're feeding with, but you could try a shot of tomato food - this is high in potash and that encourages flowering.

7 Sep, 2009


Thanks for asking the question, Piers - I've got the same problem with a miniature one. Perhaps feeding is the answer, although I had one at work which was largely neglected, yet flowered fairly often. Who knows?

7 Sep, 2009


I gave one of these Peace Lilies to an elderly friend in a care home - and bought one for myself at the same time. Her one has flowered consistently since and my one has sulked! Her one sits in a dish of water 24/7 ...and never gets fed!!! Of course her room is MUCH hotter than my house and her plant is on the windowsill - no curtains!!!! I did all the things I was supposed to ....but there must be a moral somewhere as my one is BIG and green and beautiful and FLOWERLESS!!

7 Sep, 2009


Ditto, I've got several Peace Lilies around the house (as they mop up bad "stuff "in the atmosphere and are easy to keep) but they stop flowering after a while.I'll try the tomato feed idea my plant food ain't working !

9 Sep, 2009


Sorry Piers, I have the same problem too. I separated my non-flowering Peace Lily into about 10 pots, a couple of months ago and now wait to see what happens. Will try more water and the potash. It will be interesting to see who gets theirs to flower first! Good luck

25 May, 2010


I know mine only flowered when I moved to a house where the room was very humid. I don't know if that was the reason it flowered but it could have been. My current place is cold and it is started to yellow so the information on here I hope will be handy!

9 Nov, 2011


I've now binned mine - I had to move it and it got too much sun, went yellow, droopy and got really sick - and I got sick of it...

9 Nov, 2011

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