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Does anyone know whether I could make a small bog garden in a dry sandy soil?


By Mad

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

If hubby digs a hole for me and lines it with thick polythene then makes a few holes in it, then we replace the soil with John Innis No. 3 mixed with well rotted manure and water it, will it work?



at a guess it may work if you keep it well watered

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7 Sep, 2009


I made a very successful bog garden in this way a few years ago in very dry soil but mine is kept wet by the pond. Even so I have to watch water levels in hot weather. Ha! It hasn't been a problem this year of course. As Mookins says though, so long as you keep it well watered, I see no problem. You haven't much to loose, so have a go.

7 Sep, 2009


easy two hipo's one hose pipe, or you need things that hold on to water peat clay moss them crystals from your garden center,and yes beach sand especaly the muddy stuff with the worm cast on it, or let the kids loose with a rubber padleing pool. and tell them not to get the garden soaking.

10 Sep, 2009

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