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why do my Stocks look like they're dying?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Some of my Stocks have developed droopy, yellowing leaves. Others are ok although planted in the same groups. They are in raised beds which are not very deep but they flowered beautifully last year albeit a bit late. I hope this photo goes through as I've never posted one before!




I cant spot any stocks [well not that i recognise, so sorry if they are there]
The plant in the right foreground looks a little sick with the brown 'spots' and crinkled leaf. this looks ike a fungal infection.
sorry not much help am I?

7 Sep, 2009


The one you pointed out in the right foreground is the unhealthy one, and the one to the left of it with darker foliage is a healthy one. There is a smaller one on the far right where you can see the flowers. The tall ones are about 3 foot.
But SBG, of course you've helped if you think it's a fungal infection. I just don't understand why only a few have had it when they were all planted together in a group. I've chopped all the other infected ones down.
Should I dig them all up or wait and see what happens next year?

7 Sep, 2009


I'd certainly remove th einfected ones and burn it or put it in the household rubbish bin. but are you sure they are stocks? the pink flower looks more phlox like. but i dont know all the plant varieties so please accept appologies if i am wrong. :o)
You could spray with a suitable fungicide and do all of them. pick up any fallen leaves and dispose as previously mentioned.

7 Sep, 2009


I bought them last year as stocks but i've just compared them on the internet and I think you're right. They look much more like Phlox than the stiffer Stocks stems and blooms.
Oh well, it goes to show how useful it is to post a picture. I would have gone on for years thinking they were stocks!
I do love them (apart from the fungus) and they have lots of 'babies' growing around the base.
You're so knowledgeable SBG. It's a great site

9 Sep, 2009


they will continue to spread tpo. when the clump gets too big for the space you can split it and have more clumps . nature is great.

11 Sep, 2009


Yep, nature is so so wonderful. That's one reason to respect it I guess.

11 Sep, 2009

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