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red chili peppers.

B.C., Canada Ca

it's september and my chili plants are still flowering and I haven't even got one red chili pepper yet. Should I remove all the flowers, or can I just bring them inside?




Looks like you've got plenty of green ones - they will ripen and go red soon.

7 Sep, 2009


As above.
I use tomato feed weekly on mine as well.
Bringing it into a conservatory will help speed up the ripening process, but don't let them dry out.

7 Sep, 2009


hi i have a stack of them in my polytunnel they will eventually turn red use them now they are still very firey when they are green but beware the johnny cash song hope this helps

7 Sep, 2009


so should I remove the flowers?
It feels strange to use them while their still green, plus the reddness of the peppers really add a nice color to any dish!

7 Sep, 2009


No! don't remove the flowers, just be the bee.
Gently tickle the fully opened flowers and you'll get even more chillies. I never harvest my chillies until they have been red on the plant for at least a couple of weeks.
I find the longer you leave them on the plant the better the heat!
Have a hot harvest ;-)

8 Sep, 2009

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