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What's this plant? 7


By Pip_c

Southern Sydney, NSW, Australia Au

Is it some kind of Juniper?




Doesn't look like a juniper, it could be a Leyland Cypress, Lawson Cypress, False Cypress or one of many others.
Could we have a closer photo of the trunk, leaves and especially any cones. Cones are often the only way to identify these type of trees.
Is it growing in the ground or in a pot, how old is it and how tall is it?

8 Sep, 2009


I've never seen any cones on the tree, it's about 2/3m tall, it's growing in the ground, no idea how old it is.

WIll try to post a pic of trunk/ leaves soon.

10 Sep, 2009


But I looked up Leyland Cypress on Google Images and it's pretty much the same

10 Sep, 2009


It's gonna be a big tree!

10 Sep, 2009


I can't really remember it growing, either - always been squished up against the fence, never loses its leaves, always has the doves nesting in it...

10 Sep, 2009


I hope its not too close to the house! You don't want roots undermining the foundations.

11 Sep, 2009


Don't worry, it's not even in our backyard

21 Sep, 2009


It's a Lawson's Cypress! Thanks for your help St John Tongue

9 Oct, 2009


Ne bother, Pip c.

10 Oct, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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