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What's this plant? 2


By Pip_c

Southern Sydney, NSW, Australia Au

Very spiky, it's been hanging around ours for as long as I can remember




Looks a bit like Grevillea but I'm not sure.

8 Sep, 2009


looks like jasmin

8 Sep, 2009


Does it have thorns or spines? if so, it could be Hippophae, (buckthorn).

8 Sep, 2009


This could be Grevillea Juniperina. Does it have a red claw type flower, about 1" big?

8 Sep, 2009


This looks a bit like the plant that garden centres sell as Asparagus fern. Usually in the indoor section.

8 Sep, 2009


Could it be a rosemary is there aromatic scent.

8 Sep, 2009


It's asparagus fern, as Treesandthings has said. I have some myself - Asparagus densiflorus.

It gets little white flowers, usually in late summer, followed by red berries.

It's regarded as a weed here in Oz - so you have to keep it contained.

8 Sep, 2009


Andrea, I've never seen flowers on this plant!

Thanks everyone, now I know! :- D

9 Sep, 2009

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