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How can I get rid of my next door neighbours over grown ivy that is taking over my garden?


By Rozz12

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Ivy from my neighbours garden is taking over my garden. I have already this year cut back and disbursed of EIGHT dustbin bags full, having gone round to the other side of the fence. HELP please; it is growing back again; will anything get rid of this permanently?

On plant IVY



I feel your pain
what a nightmare

many people on here have suggested something like getting to the roots and injesting some weedkiller but cant remember the name

someone else will try to help Im sure

x x x

8 Sep, 2009


I don't think you can Rozz12. Legally you can only cut what comes over to your side, but I believe the law says that you are entitled to put it back onto the owners' property. If that would cause trouble and bad feelings, you can only go on cutting it and disposing of it. We do that because we are friendly with our neighbours and don't want to cause ill-feeling, but it is a nuisance.

8 Sep, 2009


oh my goodness of course its not even your side

sorry ,,, mad is right


you could do a trench and sink a length of plastic in it so its like a wall goind worn, this should stop roots spreading into your garden...hopefully
x x x

8 Sep, 2009


I have ivy the other side of my fence I just dig along the boundary and pull up any plants on my side and pull it off the fence.
It is by now rooted on your side as well as your neighbours and as you clear it it comes back Cut it off at the boundary on your side. Then there is then nothing to stop you treating what is in your garden.
Neighbours maynot realise the problem unless they see it. Try asking your neighbour to come round and show them. (they may even think its coming from you) Then try to negotiate a solution. One solution is to offer to replace it with a climber you both could live with (Honeysuckle). Doubt you will get rid of it altogether always seems to come back but if you were able to remove it would then make it manageable.
If not would a fast growing climber (a Montana clematis) scramble up it from your side? to reduce its impact.

8 Sep, 2009

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