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By Nanjo

WITNEY, United Kingdom Gb

Is it possible that these plants growing in my unplanted window box could be seedlings from my fuschia Magellanica Alba Ladies Eardrops ? There are about 4 of them along the length of the box. They haven't flowered but to me look the same altho' my brother doesn't think so.The first 2 pics are the new plants ,the 3rd is the 'parent' plant. Hope someone can help with this :-) Thanks.

Sdc14157 Sdc14159 Sdc14158



They look the same to me and it is possible to grow fuchsias from seed although I've never tried it

11 Nov, 2012


Thanks Anchorman, I will leave them until the
Spring then pot them up.The stems are already 'woody' so hopefully they will be ok. I have been trying to grow some from cuttings but they always die just when they seem to be coming along fine. My daughter will be pleased as she wanted one. The parent plant I grew from a cutting.

12 Nov, 2012


Since they are hybrids then the new seedlings, if that is what they are, will not be the same as the parent plant. You may have new decent ones or not.

12 Nov, 2012


Well that will be interesting Owdboggy, I will look forward to seeing how they turn out. Thanks :-)

12 Nov, 2012


As OB mentioned if they are seedlings they might not come true to the parent!

I have blown up the picture on my iPad and I would say they are different from the parent plant.

I say this because the leaves look to be a bit more serrated than the parent plant!

It will be interesting to see what becomes of them!

Keep as informed !

12 Nov, 2012


Getting more mysterious Teegee, watch this space !!

12 Nov, 2012


I personally doubt very much they're 'seeded' from the original plant - fuchsias rarely produce seed, despite their large seedpods, and you'd warrant an entry in the Guinness Book of Records if 3 seeds had not only been produced, but germinated and grown. Time will tell though.

12 Nov, 2012


This is certainly a mystery Bamboo, if they aren't fuchsias I have no idea what they could be. The compost in the box is what I grew geraniums & begonias in last year - begonias had seeded themselves too.They have never been watered only any rain that drips from the guttering. I don't have any other plants in the garden that look like these, apart from the 'parent' plant.

12 Nov, 2012


Maybe Fuchsias don't produce viable seed, but I have grown them from the berries, many many years ago in my yoof.

12 Nov, 2012


Is a yoof anything like a yurt? :-)

12 Nov, 2012


Lol, Andrew... I believe Owdboggy is referring to that time in the long distant past which I now barely remember...
I still think its unlikely they're fuchsias, because if they are seedlings, its funny how they all look the same... but I'll be very interested in what they turn out to be, Nanjo, if you can bear to leave them till they make their ID obvious.

13 Nov, 2012


I know what 'yoof' is Andrew but 'yurt' has me baffled :-( is it text speak ??
Bamboo, why if they are seedlings wouldn't they all be the same ? yes I will definately be hanging on to them as I am intrigued. I suppose they could be a 'gift' from the wildlife.....

13 Nov, 2012


A yurt is a very large hut/tent structure, originally made from wooden poles and covered in animal skins, in places like Kazakhstan. They are becoming very trendy as holiday accommodation by those who want to 'rough it' but have luxuries too!

13 Nov, 2012


Cos fuchsias don't come true from seed, Nanjo.

14 Nov, 2012

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