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When's the best time to repot a large Camelia ?


By Pinky

kent, United Kingdom Gb

I've repotted into larger containers as it gets bigger.Now it's in a medium half barrel + I have a larger one ready but it will need 2 people + won't be easy !
Our soil is too alkaline to plant it but we couldn't manage anything bigger so would pruning it every other year be the answer ?
When do I move it + when do I prune it please?



If you can wait till after its flowered next year, I'd repot it then - if its desperate because there's roots hanging out of the pot, you will have to do it now. As far as pruning goes, Camellia will tolerate little and often, rather than leaving it for ages and then doing a big cutback. So prune it after its flowered next year, and every year after if you need to.

9 Sep, 2009

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