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how do I get rid of clover in lawn


By Evelyn

United Kingdom Gb

I sprayed liquid weed and feed in June which has helped get rid of daisies and made grass look greener but have lots of clover.



I have the same problem. I'm going to hire a scarifier in a couple of weeks. I will then add an autum feed and hopefully next summer there will be more grass then weeds!!!!
I didt find the weed and feeds any good to be honest.

9 Sep, 2009


I'm not sure there's an efficient weed treatment for use on lawns that kills clover any more - the one that did got taken off the market. Have you tried Verdone? Though its a bit late to use any of these treatments now, really. You could just dig out the clover and re seed the bare areas.

9 Sep, 2009


We had a nightmare time with various little weeds on our grass and as Bamboo says Verdone was fab, and its safe to use with pets and children around too.

Think you shouldnt use it from this month though until march april itme (please dont quote me on exact months)

x xx

9 Sep, 2009

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