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candelabra primular ive bought some plugs what do i do with them

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soil type
planting out times
sun or shade
please advise many thanks



they like dampish soil and semi shade. i think pretty tolerent of soil type.

9 Sep, 2009


Shade or part shade, damp soil, plant now but keep them watered - unless the plugs are very small and you want to pot them up to get a bit more of a rootball before planting them in the soil. Can be planted any time between now and mid/late October, depending where you live. Keep watered once planted out.

9 Sep, 2009


Acidic to neutral soil - preferably not alkaline
Don't feed
Depending where you live I'd plant out if plugs are big enough or pot up and protect over winter.
Definitely at least part shade, these are plants that are happiest in damp ground

9 Sep, 2009


I am assuming that you took up the offer on J Parkers website. What I do with plugs from this company, or any company selling plugs is;
Get some compost (the type for potting up, not the stuff from your heap!!) make sure the plugs have enough room to spread out their roots and pot them up.
Put them in a cold frame overwinter, this will ensure the plants grow a healthy root system.
Plant them in the soil next year. They like to be around the pond in damp areas. When you plant them, give them some organic matter and some small wood chip incorporated into the soil in the Spring after the frosts have passed.
Partial shade is the best for these beautiful plants, I am about to order some too!

9 Sep, 2009

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