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Can you please help me to identify this plant as I am unable to find it in my gardening books, it flowers in both the spring and the autumn.

Thanks you

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12 Nov, 2012


Lovely specimen, too! There are so many - sorry I can't tell you its full name. Bornagain might be able to be more precise, she collects them.

13 Nov, 2012


Yes it is a lovely big healthy geum. I think this one is called Geum Pink Frills.

13 Nov, 2012


It is Water Avens, Geum rivale, a British native of damp places.

13 Nov, 2012


It's lovely. Nothing like the geum I've had in the past.

13 Nov, 2012


Yep, agree with Bulbaholic, Geum rivale it is.

13 Nov, 2012


There are lots of forms available of Geum rivale now. I think we have about 8 of them from white, through pink to yellow and the double form G.r. Leonard's var.

13 Nov, 2012


I absolutely love this little geum. It reminds me of the rockery in the garden of a beloved aunt. I was so pleased to find it at a carboot sale several years ago and now have three good clumps. Last year I bought another small geum called lemon drops which is also lovely.

18 Nov, 2012

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