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Can you move this to another part of the garden at this time off the year???

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As I have just moved it today and its completly wilted, is it dying?? how can I save it or will it come back to its old glory once its settled in its new part of the garden

On plant Sambucus racemosa



Its not happy just keep watering it. lots f water when you first re plant it then keep watering it even if it rains
not the best time to be moving anything really, but sometimes
needs must

x x x

10 Sep, 2009


If you took a hefty amount of soil and rootball and watered it copiously it should settle in okay, if its roots are too dry though it'll suffer.

I moved a Physocarpus in the height of summer and it too wasn't happy if i didn't give it plenty to drink every day.

10 Sep, 2009


If you're really concerned, dig it up again and sit it in a bucket of water overnight - replant tomorrow, making sure you water really well before you tamp the soil back down around the plant. Then water daily for a week or so, a good bucket full, unless its teeming with rain. You can also do the puddling in method - that means when you compress the soil around the plant after planting, you leave a little ridge all around the outside, about 8 inches out from the mainstem, and pour the water into the depression, creating a puddle, so it doesn't just run off too quickly.

10 Sep, 2009


sometimes it helps to prune back so that it has less foliage to support as it'll need time to adjust

iagree with bamboo that lots of water is the key but sometimes they havn't the energy to pull it to the ends

10 Sep, 2009

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